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ServiceGram Vol. 4, No. 1

Upgraded Nut Reduces Strut Assembly Noise

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Common noise complaints on popular CUV, SUV and passenger car applications

Noise issues related to new replacement ride control units on popular CUV, SUV and passenger car applications can be caused by distorted, threaded lock nuts. The lock nut design as well as manufacturing process is critical to noise-free performance for certain applications, noted in the chart below.

On these vehicles, if the nut is over crimped, it can be difficult to thread on the stem. This results in a gap between the rod and mount where the stem can move, often leading to unwanted noise.

Strut with Partially Threaded Lock Nut


Upgraded Nut with Nylon Insert Helps Prevent Noise

Most Monroe® Quick-Strut® assemblies feature a nylon insert to ensure the lock nut is completely threaded on the stem and in complete contact with the mount. This nylon insert provides a more consistent “prevailing” torque (amount of torque needed to run a nut down a thread) and requires less friction when threading the lock nut onto the stem. The result: a completely threaded nut.


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Year Make/Model Quick-Strut Part Number with Nylon Insert Nut
2008-2012 Buick Enclave 172518
2013-2016 Buick Enclave 172949
2009-2012 Chevrolet Traverse 172518
2013-2017 Chevrolet Traverse 172949
2007-2012 GMC Acadia 172518
2013-2016 GMC Acadia 172949
2017 GMC Acadia LMTD 172949
2007-2010 Saturn Outlook 172518
2006-2010 Jeep Commander 171377L / 171377R
1989-1997 Ford Thunderbird 171845L / 171845R
1989-1997 Mercury Cougar

171845L / 171845R

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