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Carry the Load

Trucks and SUVs need shocks and struts that can handle the load. Count on Monroe® shocks and strut assemblies that are application-engineered and durability tested to carry the load.

Magnum Loaded Strut Assembly

Magnum® Strut Assembly

Whether you rely on your fleet to keep business running or use your truck to tow, haul or plow, Monroe Magnum strut assemblies deliver the strength, durability and performance you can count on to handle the load.

Monroe Gas Magnum Shock Absorber

Monroe Gas-Magnum® Shock Absorbers

With up to twice the fluid capacity of standard 1-in. bore shocks, Monroe Gas-Magnum shocks work more efficiently with less effort.

Max-Air Air Adjustable Shocks

Max-Air® Air Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Ideal for vehicles that consistently haul heavy loads or tow trailers, Monroe Max-Air shock absorbers are designed to maintain level vehicle height.

Load Adjusting Shock Absorbers

Load Adjusting Shock Absorbers

Ideal for light trucks that that occasionally tow or carry varying loads, Monroe load adjusting shocks adjust to changing road and weight conditions for superior comfort during normal driving, and provide extra control when operating conditions get more demanding.

Magnum Steering Stabilizer

Magnum® Steering Stabilizer

Ideal for trucks, vans and four-wheel drive vehicles, Monroe Magnum steering stabilizers help reduce vibrations that travel through the steering system before they get to the driver.



Monroe Strut-Mate® accessories are the perfect replacement for worn strut components. A Strut-Mate mounting kit is a direct fit for the OE strut mount while a Strut-Mate boot kit is a direct fit OE replacement for a damaged jounce bumper or boot.


Which Carry the Load Product is Right For Me?

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  Magnum Loaded Strut Assembly Gas-Magnum Truck Shocks* Max-Air Shocks Load Adjusting Shocks* Magnum Light Truck Shocks*
All-in-one strut solution for multipurpose half-ton trucks X        
Midsize/full-size trucks & vans   X      
Towing/hauling X   X   X
Light trucks that tow up to 1,200 lbs.**       X  
Limited Lifetime Warranty / Feel the Difference™ Guarantee X X      

*Does not support weight, helps improve control when under load.
**Capacity is limited by vehicle suspension, tires and transmission. See vehicle owner’s manual for details.

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