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ServiceGram Vol. 1, No. 3

Installing Shock Stem Mounts

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Correctly Securing Stem Mounting Cushions for the Shock Stem Mount

It is important to follow the proper installation procedures for each type of shock absorber stem mount. Over/under torquing the stem cushions can result in ride and durability complaints including:

  • Stem failure
  • Harsh ride
  • Noise


Follow the Correct Installation Procedure for the Type of Stem Mount

Each type of stem mount – shouldered stem and straight stem – has unique characteristics, construction and a specific installation procedure to follow for a successful shock installation.

Shouldered stem and non-shouldered stem diagrams.

Shouldered Stem

Shouldered stem mount.

Shouldered stems feature a solid stop that provides a precise amount of preload on the cushions.

Make sure the pilots on the cushions are facing the hole in the frame. Then, simply tighten the nut until the retainer bottoms out on the stem shoulder.

Non-Shouldered Stem

Non-shouldered stem mount.

Non-shouldered stems are adjustable to accommodate varying frame thicknesses.

Begin with the vehicle on the ground and at normal ride height. Tighten the stem nut until the cushions expand almost to the outer edge of the retainers. Do not over-tighten.

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