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Monro-Matic PLUS Shocks & Struts

Monro-Matic PLUS
Shocks and Struts

Engineered to meet OE specifications, Monro-Matic® PLUS shock absorbers and struts are equipped with a nitrogen gas charge to help maintain tire-to-road contact for improved ride and handling.



Designed to get more miles from your vehicle, Monro-Matic PLUS shocks and struts feature Velocity Proportional Valving (VPV) technology for improved comfort and ride handling.

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Self-lubricating fluid seal retains gas and reduces excessive friction against the piston rod to help reduce premature wear while banded piston and bronze reinforced guide provide durability.
Larger bore provides more efficient damping control to provide consistency and a smooth ride (where applicable).
Nitrogen gas charge maintains tire-to-road contact for improved ride and handling by reducing aeration.
Velocity Proportional Valving (VPV) technology and all-weather fluid containing special additives to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction and an overall smoother ride.
Monro-Matic PLUS Shocks

Monro-Matic PLUS Shock Absorbers

Monro-Matic PLUS shocks are designed and validated to meet OE specifications and feature Velocity Proportional Valving technology to deliver consistent performance to help extend your vehicle's use life with an improved ride.

  • Get More Miles From Your Ride — Designed and validated to meet OE specifications and deliver consistent performance.
  • Coverage — Available for domestic and import passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.
Monro-Matic PLUS Struts

Monro-Matic PLUS Struts

Designed to deliver consistent performance, Monro-Matic PLUS struts are engineered and validated to meet OE specifications. Featuring Velocity Proportional Valving technology, they help extend your vehicle’s use life with an improved ride.

  • Optional Dust Boot/Jounce Bumper — Protective dust boot reduces dirt and moisture, while jounce bumper reduces severe suspension movement (both sold separately).

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  RoadMatic Strut Assembly Suspension Conversion Kit Monro-Matic PLUS Shocks & Struts
Basic vehicle – keep in working order X   X
All-in-one strut solution X    
Convert factory air, hydraulic self-leveling or electronic suspension to conventional suspension   X  

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