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Shocks 101

What is a Strut Assembly?

Importance of Struts

A key part of your vehicle’s suspension, struts not only perform a damping function, but they also provide structural support for the vehicle’s suspension ensuring that the tire is held in an aligned position. Handling much of the side load that is placed on the suspension, struts play an important role in the handling, control, braking, steering and wheel alignment of your vehicle.Technician inspecting shocks.

Getting the Right Part

Depending on your application, you may have the choice between a bare strut or a strut assembly when replacing a strut on your vehicle. While a bare strut is just the strut and requires the use of a spring compressor, a strut assembly is a complete solution that is easy to install.


What Does a Strut Assembly Include?

Including everything needed for a strut repair, a strut assembly is an all-in-one solution. Also called a loaded strut assembly, complete strut assembly, quick strut or strut plus, a strut assembly includes:

  • Upper strut mount
  • Strut bumper and boot
  • Coil spring insulators
  • Coil spring


Benefits of a Strut Assembly

A strut assembly offers many advantages over a bare strut:


Featuring everything for a strut repair in a single component, a strut assembly eliminates the need to source other parts.

No Spring Compressor Needed

Since a strut assembly includes a coil spring, no spring compressor isneeded.

Easy to Install

Simple bolt-on installation makes for a quick and easy repair for technicians and DIYers. With the time savings, you’ll be able to complete more repair jobs.

New Components

Features all new components so you don’t have to worry about the coil spring or any other part wearing out before the new strut does.

Restores Performance

A strut assembly restores your vehicle to factory ride height to improve steering and maintain vehicle control.

Monroe® Strut Assemblies

Whether you drive a truck, SUV or car, Monroe has a strut assembly for many applications.


Quick-Strut® Complete Strut Assembly

Featuring a vehicle-specific design, Monroe Quick-Strut strut assemblies are fit checked, ride tested and engineered to restore factory ride height and ride performance. An all-in-one solution, the Quick-Strut strut assembly simplifies the installation process by including all the required components in a single unit. With a heritage of delivering leading-edge products for over 100 years, you can count on Monroe for your next repair.


Magnum® Strut Assembly

Whether you drive a truck, police pursuit vehicle or delivery van, you can count on a Monroe Magnum strut assembly to handle the load. Designed specifically for hardworking half-ton trucks, you get everything you need for a strut replacement in a single, fully assembled unit. Application-specific damping technology and variable rate coil spring delivers a comfortable ride and helps reduce sag when under load.


Learn more about quality shocks, struts, and strut assemblies, find the right car part, or find a local repair shop today.

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