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The perfect replacement for worn strut components—a Strut-Mate® mounting kit is a direct fit for the OE strut mount while a Strut-Mate boot kit is a direct fit OE replacement for a damaged jounce bumper or boot.

Strut-Mate Mounting Kit

Strut-Mate Mounting Kit

Designed to reduce noise and vibration, install a Monroe® Strut-Mate mounting kit when replacing conventional struts or springs.

  • Perfect Pairing — An ideal match for the ride control characteristics of Monroe struts, replace all worn strut components with quality Monroe parts (sold separately) for a complete four-corner ride control upgrade.
  • Reduces Noise and Vibration — Features advanced elastomer technology for enhanced metal-to-rubber bonding that reduces noise, vibration and memory steer for improved performance.
  • Replaces OE — Available for most Monroe strut applications, this is a direct fit for replacing the OE strut mount.
  • Rigorous Testing — Fit-checked and ride-tested for quality you can count on.
  • Easy to Install — Includes premium-quality replacement components where applicable: SAE-grade nuts and bolts, upper and lower spring isolators, OE-style bearings and mount, upper spring seat and front bearing plate that all install easily.
Strut-Mate Boot Kit

Strut-Mate Boot Kit

Designed to protect the strut, the Monroe Strut-Mate boot kit is the perfect replacement for a missing or damaged boot.

  • Replaces Damaged Jounce Bumper or Boot — Avoid premature strut failure by replacing missing or damaged strut components.
  • Protects Piston Rod — Protects piston rod finish from rust and corrosion and helps reduce oil leakage.
  • Keeps Moisture and Dirt Out — Self-draining design eliminates retention of moisture and other unwanted debris.
  • Built to Last — Soft-entry jounce bumper made of closed cell, micro-cellular urethane for maximum durability and to help reduce severe impacts.
  • Enhances Strut Life — Delivers protection from severe suspension movement to improve strut durability.
  • Easy to Install — Direct-fit OE replacement with firm friction connection that helps keep the boot in place.
  • Perfect Pairing — Ideal match to protect strut rods, replace all worn strut components with quality Monroe struts (sold separately) for a complete four-corner ride control upgrade.

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